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Bump Steer Kit



Fender Cover


Firewall Boot

Foot Box Acorns



Hinge Bolts

Muffler Straps

Pilot Bushing


Shifter Boot

Shifter Bolts

Front Spindle

Tool Mats

Weber Intake

Wheel Centers

Window Switch

ZF Acorns

ZF Drain Tool


DeTomaso related Parts for Sale

Updated 7/1/2016




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Window Switches








Console Shifter Boot








Muffler Hangers






Fender Cover







Magnet Tool Mat











Anti Bump Steer Kit







Magnet Dots (Roundels)

for Racing Numbers






Firewall Shifter Boot







Hinge Bolt Set






ZF Drain Plug Tool








ZF Acorn Dress Up Kit







Wheel Centers







If you have a DeTomaso related part for sale, It can be displayed for you here. Send text and images to ProvaMo using the contact button at the bottom.

Some of these items may be on consignment.


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